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Like others advised ...nothing wrong with a good pump gun in a 28" barrel for general shotgunning ( Trap, Skeet, Sporting, live birds...)...

Rem 870's are popular is the Browning BPS Hunter model ...and personally I like the BPS Hunter a lot more is on top of the tang / easy to get to with gloves on. BPS is cast neutral it doesn't favor a right handed or a leftie ...and it ejects out of the bottom - so spent shells are more or less at your feet.

I shot a BPS Hunter model for at least 10 yrs primarily at Trap singles..but some doubles as well ...and continental too. It was the older model with Invector screw in chokes...and I still have it ( its about 30 yrs old now )...probably has 150,000 shells thru it ...and I still use it once in a while / or as a training gun --- bought a 2nd one in 20ga too...and both guns have been thru my 2 boys (both adults now ) and at least 4 of the grandkids ( with 6 more to come ..)....

Especially as a Leftie ....the BPS Hunter is a better or should find some around..

New in my area ...BPS Hunter sells for a little over $ 500.../ but I've seen some good clean used ones for about $ 300 ....
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