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Don't skimp on boots. Most other clothing is pretty serviceable. It does not have to be camo. I buy most of my gear at backpacking shops. Unlike hunting gear the styles and colors change from year to year and buying in the off season nets bargains. There are a couple of shops that put all their winter gear up at 50% off starting June 1. What is left is 70% off on July 1. I have several goose down and fleece items in green, brown, black and gray made by North Face, Marmont, and Mountain Hardware that cost me less than camo from Walmart.

Another option is Goodwill and other such places. I bought a wool jacket in dark green a couple of months ago for $4. Just have to look, you never know what you'll find in those places.

At least 90% of the boots marketed toward hunters are junk. Don't be fooled by the camo patterns. I've found the best boots from 2 sources. Good quality hiking boots are much, much, better quality and sell for less money than boots marketed toward hunters.

Another very good source is military boots. Most of them are much better quality than hunting boots and the price for quality is much better.

This site is more for reference, but you could order from them. I found a pair of Wellco's for my son at a gunshow for $25. Great boots, Gore-tex, waterproof and lightweigt.

I found these for myself at $130.
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