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This past weekend I was at a local range while an instructor was teaching a class some basics that I have yet to learn and/or practice. The drill they spent a lot of time on was drawing from approx 3 yds, firing 2 shots to COM, one to the head, withdrawing the weapon to high ready, and then looking left and right for more danger.

I went in to work later and loaded snap caps into my .40 and played a scenario out sitting at my desk. It was a bad guy coming down the hall and I imagined I would know a problem was coming because the BG would have to go past my counter guys to get to the hallway. I practiced pushing back from my desk, drawing from IWB and pulling the trigger, 2 COM, 1- head.

I'll tell you that between being involved in a few accidents and more than enough close calls of one sort or another that I so rarely get an adrenaline rush that I hardly remembered what one felt like. That 'drill' gave me a chill. I was slow and clumsy with my draw because I have never practiced and have only recently begun to CCW. I feel like I'm a lifetime behind in training and I will look at taking some classes. Much seems like common sense but a skilled instructor putting logic and reasoning behind it sure beats trying to figure it out in real life.
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