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870s are everything you want them to be. And, I started shooting stuff with them in the 50s. Only Heaven knows how much meat I've made with them over the decades.

And had oodles of fun....

About a decade back I traded into an 870TB I used for trap. It was a wonderful choice for a starter trap gun. 30K or so shells through it before it went to a friend.

I used it for other games also, after buying a new 30" LB barrel fitted for Remchokes.

I used that same barrel last weekend on another 870, one I built from parts. Son used a 1955 made 870 with a new barrel also as we warmed up with a round of trap and then a fast 50 Sporting clays targets. Scores were good, fun factor was excellent.

Yes, I might have picked up a bird or two using my Beretta O/U instead, but that's about it.

At the moment, Casa McC holds 8 shotguns. 5 are 870s. My great grand kids will appreciate them.....
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