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Maybe, but they more likely saw her finger move, or head turn slightly.

I've seen animals spook for no apparent reason when I was wearing orange too. I could easily say, "Yep, they're spooked by orange."

Except, I've seen far more animals which pay NO apparent attention to orange from ANY distance, turkeys included.

Turkeys in particular have incredible eyesight. The SLIGHTEST movement will spook them. I have seen them spook from 30 yards or more, apparently because they saw me BLINK, as I could figure no other reason.

I've had turkeys within 10 yards or less while I'm on the ground or in tree stands and wearing orange. They do not seem to respond unless I move.

The difference between orange and not orange is that when you're wearing orange you can't get away with ANYTHING at all, whereas with camo on they sometimes miss slight movements.

That's not the case with deer, IME. They don't care if you're wearing orange or not. They key on movement and scent, not color.

I'm not arguing anyone's experiences, only relating mine and saying that we don't always include other possible scenarios when our preconceived ideas can be blamed. If I think an animal can see orange and doesn't like it and that animal spooks, I blame the orange and discount all the other times when I was wearing orange and the animals DIDN'T spook.
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