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Another +1 for the Rossi 92, what sgms meant to say . Puma has become for foreign 92s like "Coke" (for any cola) for the Rossi 92s though technically it's just a moniker used by the original Interarms distributor, then acquired by Legacy (LSI), which confusingly kept the name--since leaving Rossi--for all its new (09+) Chiappa/Italian lever line, including a "new" 92. All 92s from Interarms, then Legacy, recent decade(s) EMFs, Navy Arms and now of course Rossi (Braztech/Taurus)-label are Rossis. Not all Rossis are "Pumas."...

Just a search hint. These days because of the recent (again 09+) Chiappa Legacy "Pumas"--which are considerably pricier--not all Puma 92s you see listed will be the Brazilian Rossis.

Anyhow, back to the OP, especially as the other gent said - being a neighbor of Steve Young's (NKJ).it's a no-brainer. All LSI and 06+ EMFs and recemnt "Rossi"-labeled 92s have a silly/ambiguous safety that the aforementioned "bolt" mounted peep of Steve Young's can replace (or he otherwise has just a plug, if you want another sighting system).

The traapper model (16") will be your shortest. Most you'll see are 20" round-barreled carbines, also very handy and a great all 'rounder. "Short Rifles" with 20" octagonal are popular with the CAS set. Tell tale visual signs aside from the octagonal aspect is a sharper crescent butt and no barrel bands--as the "rifle" aspect suggests" your (OP) post describes a trapper (8 rds of magnum) or carbine (10) to a "T".
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