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Originally Posted by rgrundy
Brian, I've actually done lots of hunting and spent month's in the field in tent camps. I went into Forestry and Wildlife Biology after graduating from a 2 year course of study in your state. Paul Smith's College in Paul Smith', N.Y..
No I did not cut the "Leaning Pine" down it was done many years after by a drunken wannabee logger.

You need to ask yourself "If blaze orange is so effective at preventing hunting accidents why are so few Game Wardens wearing any blaze?" They need to stay hidden but need to see you easily. Blaze orange is a law enforcement tool.
If you've spent that much time in the woods, you SURELY know that animals are not bothered by blaze orange.

The actual reason for the legal requirement is another issue.

I was responding to your assertion that blaze orange makes you "stand out as a very unusual bright spot which really hurts your ability to blend into anything but snow."

I have never seen that to be the case. I have spooked plenty of animals with scent, movement and by being silhouetted against a bright background but I have never seen a single animal spook because of what I would interpret as noticing the orange.

On the other hand, I have had untold numbers of animals, squirrels, grouse, hawks, owls, deer and turkeys, literally within feet and sometimes literally INCHES of me while I've been wearing orange and none of them have appeared to notice.

People often misinterpret other reasons for the animals spooking and assume it must be the orange. UV brighteners are a culprit. Scent and movement, even movement that we didn't know we did, and scent from a swirling breeze from 10 minutes ago, are much more likely to be the culprits.

Point being, in relation to the OP, the pattern you choose is far less important than your scent, movement, silhouette and strategy. In fact, the pattern you choose, if it's among the traditional very dark camo patterns, is essentially irrelevant IMO.

I suggest standing about 30 feet away and squinting while you look at those patterns. They all look the same. Blobs of brown.

Only the newer, high contrast patterns are really different. Even the importance of those absolutely, positively pales into insignificance compared to scent and movement.
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