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trap/skeet with remington 870?

trap/skeet with remington 870?

is it doable or are pumps more deer guns than bird guns?

I am thinking of buying a lefthanded pump

sick of my rem1100, figure that a pump is less maintenance, sick of having to switch to my O/U for sporting, a crappy gun to, can't get a reliable reload with trap ammo and the O/U is having problem aswell so it's a loss/loss situation.

gonna go look at a rem870 express 28 inch barrel and a used model labeled Mch? Mach? match?

are the 870 and 1100 somewhat similarly "shaped"?

is there a huge point in having 3 inch shells? (only have 2374 in my 1100) edit didn't even realize that there are 3 1/2 inch ones!

I guess for slugs you could get magnum ones that pack a punch but for sporting you don't want alot more recoil.

a pump is 1/2 the price of a good semi (new atleast).
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