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Brian, I've actually done lots of hunting and spent month's in the field in tent camps. I went into Forestry and Wildlife Biology after graduating from a 2 year course of study in your state. Paul Smith's College in Paul Smith', N.Y..
No I did not cut the "Leaning Pine" down it was done many years after by a drunken wannabee logger.

You need to ask yourself "If blaze orange is so effective at preventing hunting accidents why are so few Game Wardens wearing any blaze?" They need to stay hidden but need to see you easily. Blaze orange is a law enforcement tool.

BTW in the last two years I killed 3 bull elk (7X6, 5X6, 5X5) and 5 mule deer in several western states out of remote tent camps and I'm in my 60's. Four of the deer and one elk with a bow so I think I can hunt. My wife and I (she's 69 and has a heart problem) just killed two mulies in Colorado with archery tackle and I'm going here in Az today to shoot another mulie. The video is on the hunting sub forum. "Colorado Senior Citizen Hunt". On my youtube channel you'll find other hunts. I've only put a few from the last few years up.

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