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Morphing powder. Wassit mean?!

Today has been a day of revelations in my expanding world of reloading.

Firstly was that whatever measuring disk I choose, my Lee Auto disk pro will conspire to give me precisely 0.2 gr less than I want.

Then there was the fact that, once I've primed cases, I put out about 150-200 finished cartridges in an hour..

After that came the fact that I can throw an hours worth of reloading down range in less time than it took to load it.

And finally, the reason for this post. The following only happens (as far as I can see) when shooting my reloads out of my 2" snub. The reloads are 5.8gr of N350 out of S&B cases with CCI small pistol magnum primers all sat under a 125gr plated bullet from H&N Sport.

I shoot. There is a bang and a hole in some paper. However, when I eject the cases, I find that there are a dozen or so grains (as in pieces) per case of orangey-yellow pellets. If they were graphite grey, they would look like N350. I've cunningly deduced that this is still N350, but after exposure to heat and pressure.

What does having this seemingly unburnt powder tell me about my reloads anf the conditions in the chamber at the time of firing?
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