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Deer and similar animals see the ultraviolet glow not the orange color. That's why modern hunting specific detergents to not contain UV brighteners.

In terms of camo patterns, deer and similar animals can not see detail from long distance. Get farther than 30 yards or so and all they see from the various camo patterns are blobs of brown, so you might as well be wearing blobs of brown.

The most effective patterns I've ever seen or used are the newer patterns with dramatic contrasts, such as swaths of white background. Such contrasting areas break up the human shape, which is the THIRD biggest problem, after scent and motion.

Anyone who thinks that blaze orange and other bright colors, without motion or scent problems, spook animals makes me think they haven't done much hunting. I can't begin to guess how many animals I've had within FEET of me while I'm wearing orange. Motion and scent spook animals, they don't care about colors.

Even turkeys, which CAN see color, don't care about orange unless the orange moves.
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