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I got mine in 1988 with an Artillery unit in Tauberbischoffsheim.....

Pistol- P-1 (P-38 looking thing) .... I shot it pretty well

G3 Rifle- hated that thing- drum rear sight with no windage adjustment other than Kentucky-mine shot a foot left at 100 meters- cost me the "Gold"

MG3- Outstanding LMG, though the non-disintegrating links were a PITA to keep track of .... and the little meat grinder looking deally they had to reload them reinforced my belief that Germans had a special tool for EVERYTHING! That weapon made me realize just what a fine example of suck and fail the M-60MG truly was.

UZI smg- I still remember the markings on the selector switch: "E", "S", and "D" ..... which we took to mean "engage", "safe", and "destroy". I thought that while short enough to fit into the drivers compartment of an M110a2 or VTR, that thing and a basic load of ammo would have been quit a lot to hump if you ever had to rely on your LPC's......

I enjoyed the range days, unit/section competitions* and dining-in (BEER!) with our TBB Bundeswehr counterparts..... lotsa fun!

*One of the events the Germans did as to disassemble one of each small arm type in a section, mix the parts in a spade box, and race to reassemble and function check.
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