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To preface: I am all for open carry and feel it should be a legal right in all parts of the country, mostly because it eliminates the whole printing issue while CCing. However I am also of the opinion that just because you have a right to do something, doesn't make it the right thing to do. If you're out in the woods or the country or just a relatively empty city street, by all means OC. But if you're going into a downtown bank at rush hour, cover up. Just slip your shirt over it. It's not "forfeiting you rights" or "giving in to the antis" it's a simple common courtesy. Otherwise don't be surprised when people treat you like you're an a-hole.

With that out of the way, here's the issue I have with many OC "activists". They claim that they do what they do to "normalize" the idea of people owning firearms and carrying them. However that's exactly where their ideals and their actions don't quite work together.
You don't normalize the carrying of a firearm by doing it in a way you normally wouldn't (like slinging an MP5 over your shoulder and walking through town with it for no reason while filming every conversation you get into). Just like you don't normalize the idea of same-sex marriage by dressing in a rainbow leotard and organizing a makeout orgy infront of your local church.
Things are not normalized by taking them and dragging them out to a stupid extreme.
If people want to normalize open carry then just take the pistol you normally conceal and wear it on the outside of your clothes. Done.
"But that's not activism because noone will even notice my bland little Glock!! What's the point?"
Well there you go, mission accomplished. Noone notices it because it's already normal where you live. So leave the issue alone and stop posturing like a pompous ass.
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