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Originally Posted by Crazy88Fingers
I'm pretty sure the jail phone doesn't know what kind of phone is on the other end.
If you're calling from the inside, that's probably true. However, some jails have phones that will not accept calls from a cell phone. I've tried to call clients who were in jail from my cell phone in the past, without success.

My plan is much like Sport45's: Should I ever be involved in a shooting, my call will be to my wife, and she'll make the rest of the calls. Should she be unavailable for whatever reason, I'm not above politely requesting a second call. There's no law of which I am aware that says that the jail is prohibited from allowing a second or subsequent call.

Edited to add: The jail likely has a phone book, so you can also ask to look at that. However, even if your lawyer has a landline, you may be out of luck if the shooting happens after business hours, while the attorney is in court, while the attorney is on vacation, etc. Prudence tells me to operate on the assumption that I will be unable to reach an attorney on the first try.
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