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Thats cool. If it works for you I am all for it.
I have always thought that WMRs were a bit over rated. For the extra $4 a box you get an extra 200 fps. I never felt the small gain justified the extra cost.
But I don't have one so I have no personal personal experiences.
They claim 166 ft lbs of energy for the WMR to the 100 of the Velocitor. I'm not sure how much difference that would make.
As a comparison, the claimed energy of a .223 55gr is 995 ft lbs at 100 yards.

BUT, all of that being said, the title of this thread is "Best, cheap .22LR hunting ammo thread".
So I will get back to the topic.
I would love to hear some reviews of the Velocitor when used on critters. My experience tells me they are accurate, but I have never seen their effect on a varmint.
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