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Originally Posted by Rob Pincus
1.The Rosa Parks comparison is a Non-Starter. These so called "activists" are doing something legal is a jack-ass-ist way just to get attention. If Rosa Parks had sat in the back of the bus and started Hooting and Hollering about how she was doing it, she just have gotten kicked off the bus for being a whacko. When the "activists" start OCing in Times Square or on the Capitol Mall, they can start referencing Rosa Parks.
I don't think that carrying a firearm is fairly equated to "Hooting and Hollering". Denigrating the practice of a right isn't consistent with a defense of the right.

Parks pushed for recognition of rights arguably already enshrined in the COTUS. Ohio open carriers pushed for recognition of a right already present in Ohio code. Whether one is arrested in Canton or Times Square isn't material to whether one is arrested for a behavior.

Tension and confrontation can result in a change in police behavior for the better (assuming one is correct). The Parks and Ohio episodes illustrate that.

As to OCers with abrasive personalities, let's note that you don't have to want the advocate over for dinner with the family in order to recognise the legitimacy of his activity.

Originally Posted by HeadHunter
OC is no more going to "desensitize" them than listening to the yapping dog next door is going to "desensitize" me to its barking.
How many people call 911 to complain about a PO open carrying? I would expect very few. It is customary.
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