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Given what everyone thinks they know today, one wonders where the reputation of both the .45 auto and the .45 (Long) Colt ever came from. That's no joke, either. In reading through my old copy of Small Arms of the World, they (don't know if it was Smith or Smith) stated the only round with proven combat ability was the .45 auto. Could be.

But Mr. DanRanull, my father said the same thing. We say they should have known better. Maybe we should know better. Maybe none of us know anything!

My father never mentioned actually using a .45 auto, though I do have a photo of him wearing a revolver, almost certainly a .45, in a reverse draw holster and an MP shoulder strap rig. He's standing in front of a Jeep in a photo that is so "period correct" as to be impossible to reproduce today. I should try to post that, except it's beyond my technical ability.

It's a particularly interesting photo. The Jeep has no bumper markings like are common now and his OD service dress jacket (not a short Ike jacket) has no brass collar insignia. I also have another photo somewhere in the recesses of the cedar chest of him standing in front of one of those bell tents wearing fatigues with a Daisy Mae hat and armed with a shotgun. Just by coincidence, I also have a photo of my son in the army armed with a shotgun--and a pistol.
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