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I agree with Hawg. Pietta and Uberti are close enough in quality (we're talking NEW guns here - ones manufactured in the last couple years) that any differences are down to individual gun differences - in other words, you're just as likely to get a lemon with one brand as the other. And those odds are pretty small in either case.

I have a personal preference for Uberti regardless of model, but I can't honestly advise anyone that they're generally 'better'. Buy the least expensive one and give the difference to your local animal shelter - you'll get the best deal and feel righteous at the same time.

Oh, and be advised: Cabela's has come up with a no returns policy lately. They're not honoring any warranties on firearms. The odds are very high that you'll get a quality gun, but for my money that policy disqualifies them from any consideration. Your mileage may vary.
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