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Back in the 70s and 80s, Browning did a re-release of the classic, single-shot Winchester 1885 called the B-78
It is more made in the original look of the original Browning 78, not the WRA 1885. Brownings original 78 was a bit different than what Winchester made in the 1885.

Mine is the 273rd made when they came out with them in 1973, and it actually doesn't say B78 anywhere, it reads "Model 78" on the barrel. It is a round barrel chambered in 30-06 and has the Monte Carlo Stock with no sights, just provisions for a scope.

It is called the B78 though like Scorch said, if I remember right they made them from 1973-1982, not 100% sure on the end date.

Also as Petah said, the W/M 1885's are completely different inside.
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