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I have a DTI Del-Ton $850 0ut the door . It shoots well and has never jamed or failed to feed . I have only put about 500 rounds though it so it just getting broke in .

I just finished this PSA biuld $ 1,030 out the door.

Build it if you can . they are really not that hard to build and you can save some money . actually you will not save any money on the first one . There are some tools you will need . The rest of them you will save money on .

If you want quick and easy the M&P sport is the way to go .

If you have the time ,build you own and get to know your rifle .It's really fun .

As for cleaning I clean mine after every shoot and lube the bolt just before I start shooting . There are a ton of videos on youtube

If you want specifics . I clean my bore just like any other rifle .

I take much more time on the Chamber and use a chamber brush and T-handle .

As for the BCG I take it apart and clean each piece well .

The lower tends not to get to dirty . I clean mine with a rag,Q-tips and maybe some compressed air .I do not clean my buffer and spring every time I clean My rifle If you find your self really cleaning around the fire control group , a drop or two of oil in that area would be good after your done .

Wipe the hole thing down and you done . You may want to look under the hand gaurd once and a while . Make sure there is no rust or dirt building up .

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