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No advice here, just hope that you can work things out. I fear that this marriage may not end well. Not just because of this issue but things like this are often harbingers of future issues.

My ex-wife once called and told me "If you don't quit drinking, I'm leaving and I want an answer when you get home."

I walked in, set a twelve pack on the counter and said "I'm gonna miss you."

The fact that she was basically cuckoo contributed heavily.

I have now been very happily remarried for 16 years to the true love of my life. We get stronger together all the time because we figured it out. (I still enjoy my beer) and when I get dressed in the morning my gun goes on my hip and is always within arms reach. I don't go to stupid places, don't hang out with stupid people, don't do stupid things and avoid being out at stupid times.

However, if we did decide to go to a midnight showing of some new blockbuster movie, because you should be able to do that if you so desire,
I would be prepared to defend her. Regardless of what the sign says. I would hope that you could also.
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