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LASur5er shih, and everyone

I am so sorry for not being able to write. I'm still under restrictions. I've had a tough time dealing with the crude, illiterate, degenerate, drug-using, racist, criminal dirtbags the United States Army has seen fit to recruit into its ranks.

I've come to the point where I truly wish I had joined the Marines. Only an ex-Marine friend of mine here keeps me in check. My battle buddy just went AWOL today. This is the second one I've lost.

The system seems to not work very well. I'm fighting every day to keep myself going in spite of the lack of human respect and camaraderie in my disintegrating platoon.

I think I'll move along nicely, so long as I surround myself with motivated people. But honestly, the weapons systems, the training, and the quality of recruits in the Infantry School aren't quite stellar ... not by a long shot.

I have a lot of trouble dealing with racists and degenerates. I ended up knocking one out with the butt of my M16A2 last week after I was assaulted. This was after 10+ weeks of holding back, obeying the standing order "Not to fight" which got me labelled as a weakling. I ended up sending the jerk to the hospital with a concussion, and I got a summarized Article 15 only because the NCO cadre seem to like me.

At any rate, I'm here on my pass, discouraged but alive. I have a 12 mile road march tomorrow. I've been through what seems to be a bitter experience. I so much more wish it was something I could be proud of, but I am not.

I just wish there were compatriots I could admire here, but they are few and far between. What happened to honor, duty, love of country?

Take care everyone ... I'll write as soon as I can. Much aloha to everyone at TFL.

PS - LASur5er shih, I'll try to write snail mail. Please leave me an address at [email protected] and I'll try. I'm choked for words now but I'll try. BTW you were an FAO, right? It looks like I'll be going close to that path in mortars, first. Please take care ... regards to your family. May they be safe always.
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