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Project gun- What should I chamber it for?

Here's the deal: I was just given a DWM 1893 Mauser. The barrel is not pretty, to say the least. The stock has been chopped and the action is pieced together from several different guns (serial numbers on receiver, bolt, magazine, bolt shroud, etc, do not match). So it is a project gun, automatically.

My quandary is this: I have been looking for quite a while for a project gun to build a German-style stalking rifle in 444 Marlin, and this one would do nicely. I have also wanted a bolt action rifle in 45 Win Mag, and this one would do nicely. I would also like a bolt gun in 7.62X39, and this one . . .well, you get the idea, I am wanting many things and at this point in time cannot decide which one to do. So, what say you? 444? 45 WinMag? 7.62X39? 458 SOCOM? 6.5X57? Something other than one of these?
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