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There is a difference between Rosa Park and what this guy did in Medford OR (grant, I did not like the way he did it, but it was legal. Even if the weapon had been full auto MP5 (with tax stamp), it would have still been legal in OR.

What Rosa Parks did was actually illegal by the laws of that day, and in that place. That law was overturned in the courts, and it needed to be overturned.

What this guy was doing was teasing for a confrontation, as good as the officer was at his job, he was wrong in initiating the contact in the first place. He should never have accommodated these guys.

Did these guys help the OC movement? No. They were defiantly butt heads. but could they legally do what they did? Yes, so I really do not thing of it as anything worse than any other stupid thing some young people do. I have OC'd since 1970 and have never had a confrontation, or even been asked for my CPL or ID. Going out of your way to get that kind of attention is juvenile.

The reason there is OC is well represented in "in re Brickley". Well worth the short read. When I was much younger (1950's) I was introduced to that attitude, it stuck...I OC unless it is cold enough for a heavy coat. Never had a problem, even in banks, whether in 1970, or now.

I think a lot of people look at things like this through their local laws...don't do it. Find out what the law is where it happened. Then think about it.
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