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it is impossible to equal the stress and adrenalin rush of a firefight except to be in one with bullets coming and going,
And Muscle Memory trumps stress and adrenalin rush. To react without muscle memory requires thinking something trough.

Muscle memory requires no forethought except to recognize the danger. The reaction is done subconsciously IF YOU HAVE DEVELOPED THE PROPER MUSCLE MEMORY.

You can't go out and develop muscle memory by experience. Who would want to, but you can by good practice and competition.

Ask your self why SEALs or Special Forces are so much better then an ordinary infantryman. Hard training followed by more training. (I get tired just reading about SEAL training).

There is an old Army saying, "You fight like you train".

I realize there are ranges where you can't practice your draw (never been to one my self) but that is no excuse. 80% of my draw practice is either with a blue plastic training gun or dry firing with my revolvers.

I practice bullseye to keep sharp on my fundamentals.

Certainly beats doing nothing.
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