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Whether the haters like it or not, the China clones are well made and great deals. Stevens, H&R Pardner Pump, Hawk etc. All good. For me, I decided to stick with Mossberg, not because of a lack of quality of the Chinese clones.
That isn't what I heard from a gun repair expert that toured some of the Chinese facilities - for a company that was importing their guns form China. Personally, I think they aren't as bad as some say, and they will get better, but they are not yet on a par with Mossbergs or Remingtons. It's like the Japanese that once only made junk and now turn out quality products. The other major problem with them is accessories and warranty work. Even Pardners have to be returned to the company to fit an extra barrel. Try gettin one for a Hawk. Warranty work shouldn't be a problem with a Stevens or an NEF Pardner, but a Hawk is another story.

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