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I try to shoot at least once a week, not only 100 to 200 rounds but also the bull with my buddies at the range.

However I am limited by the range rules and the other shooters on the line on the extent of the training I can do. I like to shoot IDPA, have not got into 3 Gun yet but the last year or so my handgun shooting has suffered as I have gotten into long range rifle shooting at the only available range near Des Moines over at Van Meter which goes out to 600 yards, I really envy guys with ranges out to 1000 yards or better.

I have one very bad habit though, as an old man who has collected firearms for many years and enjoys many different pistol and rifle and shotgun platforms, I am not always practicing with my CCW and instead having fun with some other handgun or rifle or shotgun. However my CCW is a Glock with no safety and nothing to think about under stress except to pull the gun, sight picture and pull the trigger so hopefully I will be ready if the occasion presents itself.
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