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While I still defend the two policeman in the Empire State Building Shooting and while I posted in an old thread about Training trumps Experience that I prefered experience, I will agree that everyone should get the best training they can, and I am not so sure that it should not be mandated.

The key to your thread to me is not only training but the key word competition, it is impossible to equal the stress and adrenalin rush of a firefight except to be in one with bullets coming and going, but at least competition adds stress to the equation.

The other reason competition is so important, IDPA, USPSA, 3 Gun etc. is that in all the ranges I have gone to, for safety reasons they do not allow drawing from a concealed holster or an open carry holster and shooting or shooting from different body positions, prone for instance. You can still shoot one handed and practice with both hands as I know you advocate, and still shoot kneeling by the bench or behind and around the shooters bench, but that is about it.
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