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PRS Big Lube and Over powder cards

I shot my 1872 Open Top .45 Colt this weekend.
40 shots total, all with 200gr Big Lube bullets. Half with over powder cards, half without.
This was my first time with the Big Lube bullets, and they showed a lot of promise. I did not use a grease cookie or any other lube. The bullets had whatever lube that Mark Whyte puts on them, it seemed quite soft, but worked well. 40 shots with no binding, and minimal fouling buildup.
All were shot at about 16yds from a rest. I don't have the group dimensions right now, but it would seem that the over-powder cards did not make a significant difference. Not surprising, I expect, since the range was fairly close. It is likely that if the heel of the bullet was being distorted, the effect would show up at longer ranges than 16 yds.
Overall, I was happy with the groups.
Load was: 30.3 gr Goex 3F, Big Lube 200gr bullet. 20 with an over powder card, 20 without.
I think I will settle on using a thin over powder card on all my loads, but will still do some more testing.

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