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Bullet fit and leading

Hey there, this revolves around my persistent desire to eliminate leading in my revolvers.
I have a question on bullet fit in revolvers that I would like some opinions on. I understand that you want the bullet to slip through the throats with a little pressure and be a little oversize when they make to the forcing cone. For example, I have reamed the throats on a couple of my .357 revolvers to .358 and the barrels slug at .357 so I think I am ok there. I have some commercially cast bevel base 158 GR. SWC’s that measure .359. When you try to push them through the throats the sharp edge on the front of the bullet catches on the edge of the throat and it is very difficult to start them in the throat from the chamber. It seems as it this might damage the bullet when firing and maybe strip some lead off causing gas cutting and leading. If I run one through a push through .358 sizer it goes through the throats just like you want it to but I haven’t had a chance to shoot any like that yet.

So, to make a long story short, in you all’s opinion/experience can having a bullet .001 larger than he throat damage a bullet enough to cause leading even though the barrel is .001 smaller than the throat like it supposed to be?

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