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Originally Posted by pnac
...The HIPPA ACT is, I'm sure, a big improvement over pre-HIPPA,however, it's not a cure....
There is no cure. Our belief in a "cure" for social issues is largely a chimira.

Take privacy. You can keep everything a personal secret. But then you won't be able to get good medical care or have it paid for by insurance. You won't be able to get credit or loans. You won't be able to keep your money in a bank. You won't be able to make investments. Our doctors, bankers, money managers and others need information to be able to do for us what we expect them to do for us.

Everything comes down to a matter of management and trade-off. And every layer of management/protection adds complexity, increases possibility of errors from inadequate information and adds cost. HIPPA cost the health care industry billions of dollars to implement, and those costs translated to increased health care costs and increase medical insurance premiums.

We can learn to understand and deal with things and manage risks and problems, but there's no cure for real life.
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