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Originally Posted by pnac
Not exactly the way I see it. 9,000 violations out of 13.000 investigations is not a very good average!
That's not the point. There were only 45,000 complaints over a 12 year period relating to medical information covering all medical care rendered and/or paid for in the State of New York.

The population of the State of New York in 2007 was about 19,000,000. How many doctors' visits, surgeries, x-rays, other medical or diagnostic services, hospital inpatient days, emergency room visits, physical therapy treatments, prescriptions dispensed, and other medical services were received, and in most cases paid for by third parties, by a population of 19 Million over a period of 12 years? And all of that activity was recorded, often multiple times, in various records of medical care providers and third party payors subject to HIPAA. And what thus must have been an enormous volume of data and records produced only 45,000 complaints, a notable portion of which were determined to be unfounded.
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