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2] You're talking about a 12 year period. How much medical information has been collected, and legitimately used, even just in New York. 45,000 complaints, a great many by your figures, appear to be unfounded, in 12 years has got to be a pretty small percentage.
Not exactly the way I see it. 9,000 violations out of 13.000 investigations is not a very good average!

Since the establishment of the Privacy Rule in 2003, OCR has received
almost 45,000 complaints. It has completed full investigations in about 13,000 of
those cases, finding violations in almost 9,000 of them.
Of the 32,000 cases where
investigations have not been completed, about 25,000 of them were closed as
being ineligible for enforcement because the complaint was not timely or did not
describe any potential violation.
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