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I hadn't noticed before, that no one pointed out the typical dealers' inspection.

The open box is pretty typical of any new firearm.
When dealers receive new firearms, they open the box to check the serial number and make sure they received something they can actually sell (no major damage, no missing parts, the correct model, no obvious manufacturing mistakes, nothing illegal, etc).

Factories ship some funky stuff, sometimes..
... smooth-bore pistols.
... .357 Magnum marked barrels with .38 Special cylinders.
... missing trigger groups.
... cylinders that lock up between chambers
... rifles with barrels that can be turned by hand
... magazines with no followers
... no 'caliber' markings, at all
and the list goes on....

Dealers open the box to make sure:
A- They have the correct serial number.
B- They aren't in possession of something illegal.
C- They aren't in possession of something dangerous.
D- They won't be embarassed when a customer realizes there's a glaring issue with the firearm.
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