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Range time doesn't seem like training but I try to do more than just typical weaver-stance target shooting. I shoot one handed from various angles since I don't expect to always be able to draw and get both hands on the gun. I also do stuff like shoot from fairly close (real world) distances, double taps. I try to simulate moving around while I shoot. Basically try to control the gun and trigger and hit what I aim at even if I don't have a perfect stance, sight-alignment, etc. I'm not a competition, marksman-type shooter. I practice for shooting at something that is close and i have to react fast. I wish I could practice while drawing, too, but that's not allowed. The draw is practiced at home unloaded. Not the greatest but I do what I can.

I try to go every 2 weeks, sometime 3 times a month and shoot 100-150 rounds depending on the gun.

Compared to the others I see, I'm definitely mixing things up more. They may be more accurate but they almost always have full-size guns and are only target shooting. I almost never see anyone with a small pocket gun shooting, the kind that you expect the average joe to be buying for self-defense and CC.
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