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I am on the fence about OC activism(Not OC itself, if it's legal and responsibly done I see no inherent problems with it). In most cases it seems garner negative attention and sends the wrong message.

However, I am curious as to what people think about a specific situation where I live. Where I live, Nevada, OC is legal, and and there are state preemptions on firearms law, to the effect that only the state legislature may make laws regarding firearms.

Now the conundrum. Police stations are public buildings, with no law against OC in them. In general, the police in Las Vegas have accepted OC, until you try to OC into a police station. There are a handful of people who do OC activism by OC'ing while they have business at the police stations. Good, bad, ugly?

Personally, I think this is an extra grey area. There have been successful campaigns in getting other parts of the local governments to adhere to the law. DMVs and other public buildings/property now properly allow open carry after letter writing and other forms of political action. However, Las Vegas Metro PD never got on board.
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