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Originally Posted by Frank Ettin
It's a funny thing, but it is in fact reality, that if enough people do something that's legal but they do it in a way that enough other people find obnoxious, the activity probably won't stay legal for long.
Either that, or an alternative will become legal.

Until a few years ago, the state of Ohio did not have any provision for concealed carry. But the Ohio Supreme Court had (correctly) ruled several years ago that under the Ohio constitution, the RKBA is guaranteed and that, therefore, if the legislature chose to "regulate" carry by not allowing concealed carry, then open carry must necessarily be legal.

So "activists" began staging open carry days around that state. Some people did find them obnoxious, others found them frightening, and still others found them enlightening. The end result was that the legislature realized the folly of its ways, and enacted concealed carry legislation as an expedient way of making all the open carriers go away.

Most of them have, indeed, obtained permits and now carry concealed. However, open carry remains legal in Ohio (as it is in Pennsylvania) without a permit, and a percentage of those who carry regularly do so openly, by choice.

Choosing to open carry in order to make a point is not always or necessarily bad.
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