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On this whole subject of "baiting the police"...sorry but...sometimes that's required.

The number one area where this is happening involves cameras, not guns. As one example is this incident (and yeah, both links are about the same case):

That website ("Photography Is Not A Crime") has shown several videos wherein the cops went far over the line - threatening unarmed cameramen with drawn guns. The single worst was in Miami - and we have the video only because the handcuffed cameraman managed to slip the micro-SD memory card out of his cellphone (crushed by a police boot) while handcuffed and get it into his mouth(!).

As to the police site noting that some of the OC people are using left-wing-sourced tactics that veer into "Occupy" territory, I have a message for him:

We had at least six guns in camp at OccupyTucson that I know of (and Tucson PD knew of at least two, mine included) and gee, in stark contrast to Oakland California, NYC and the like we had zero instances of police violence.
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