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Originally Posted by aarondhgraham
I certainly did not mean to be distasteful in my reference to Rosa Parks,,,
I used Rosa Parks as a comparator to show how a well thought out and planned demonstration can work wonders for a cause....
And you weren't. In fact, you were right on the money when you wrote:
Originally Posted by aarondhgraham
...Rosa Parks was not a spur of the moment decision,,,
Her actions were planned and scripted well in advance of the act....
A lot of the time when this sort of subject comes up, someone brings up Rosa Parks. Perhaps it should be a corollary to Godwin's Law. In any case, it's apparent that the folks (not you) who bring Mrs. Parks up have no knowledge of the full history of that event.

On 1 December 1955, Rosa Parks was the third African-American since March of that year to be arrested for violating the Montgomery bus segregation law. That night, Jo Ann Robinson, head of the Women's Political Council, printed and circulated a flyer throughout Montgomery's black community starting the call for a boycott of Montgomery's city buses.

Martin Luther King, Jr., as president of the Montgomery Improvement Association and pastor of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church, together with other Black community leaders, then organized the boycott of the Montgomery bus system. That boycott reduced Black ridership (the bulk of the bus system's paying customers) of Montgomery city buses by some 90% until December of 1956 when the Supreme Court ruled that the bus segregation laws of Montgomery, Alabama were unconstitutional (Gayle v. Browder, 352 U.S. 903 (1956)).

Mrs. Parks actions and arrest were part of a well orchestrated, well organized, program leading to a successful conclusion.
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