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Registered sex offenders are a problem, but IMO, the real problem is the unregistered ones.

...and the sad reality is there's a new crop coming on all the time. New sex offenders being born, sex offenders crossing into our boarders from other countries,etc.

Too, sex offenders are just one small reason to cc.

Unless we live(and never leave) in a guarded compound filled with sentry dogs and armed guards, there just isn't any guarantee we will not meet up with some scumbag out on the street or come calling to our homes that doesn't have any value of life and will look at us as no more then an opportunity.
That scumbag may be a molester, a crackhead, potential wanna-be gang banger getting his/her gang initiation or maybe someone who's just flipped out.

Who knows?

One thing for sure, where you live doesn't make you immune from crime and seems as though many people feel that their upscale neighborhood or their country setting somehow insures their safety. Bad mistake!
These are the kinds of people criminals look for.

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