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Hello Tom Servo,,,

I certainly did not mean to be distasteful in my reference to Rosa Parks,,,
I used Rosa Parks as a comparator to show how a well thought out and planned demonstration can work wonders for a cause.

My intent was to show her actions as successful in the long run because they were not some person trying to make a hasty statement or provoke an ill planned confrontation.

I will not do it (make a plan to confront) because I am not a proponent of open carry,,,
Those who are could certainly be more effective than the people in that video.

I have stated several times that I am glad that my state (Oklahoma) has legalized open carry,,,
But I doubt very seriously if I will ever take advantage of the new law.

Oklahoma is going to be an interesting place come November 1st,,,
I sincerely hope the situation is handled calmly and sanely.


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