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People said the same thing about Rosa Parks,,,

People said the same thing about Rosa Parks,,,
About how she was hurting the civil rights cause by being so blatant.

I've been thinking about this for a day now,,,
And I am somewhat torn in my thoughts.

Yes, the people who arm up and go looking for confrontation,,,
Are mostly idiots and hurting the RKBA cause.

Not so much for their confrontational actions,,,
But the stupid way in which they implement them.

What they are doing isn't necessarily the problem,,,
It's how stupidly they are doing it that is the problem.

If a person who was very knowledgable about gun laws,,,
Someone say with the stature of Massad Ayoob,,,
If he were to stage a similar scenario,,,
Would it go over as badly as most?

Rosa Parks was not a spur of the moment decision,,,
Her actions were planned and scripted well in advance of the act.

What if Massad Ayoob planned and scripted a well thought out scenario,,,
The recorded confrontation could have a very positive effect,,,
It could show the prejudices of some LEO's towards RKBA.

I'm not convinced that the confrontations themselves are a bad thing,,,
I will completely agree that the ill-planned ones paint us all in a bad light.


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