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When she notices something different just tell her you're excited today :-). You and your partner are a team and it's man part to protect your wife. Do anything and everything he can to accomplish that. Now if a wife goes out and gets herself in a jam and has nothing or can't help herself then she'll have to take whatever comes her way but when my wife and myself are together it's my job to defend her even if I have to give my life for her. (that's how I feel) and No one will tell me to carry or not to. I repeat No one. I've been carrying since high school when you weren't suppose to. Dating and marriage and up till I take my last breath hopefully. Been married to same wife for 24 years and am 44 yrs old. It's the way it's gonna be, she knows and after the compromiseing is done they feel alot safer in the end. Don't just carry to carry and have no business doing so. Train, train and more train. Take classes do anything and everything to be pproficent not be a risk to yourself,her and others.
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