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.45 ACP

-Berrys 185 grain plated hollow base round nose bullet
-Mix of Remmington and Winchester cases
-Winchester large pistol primer
-6.3 +/- .2 grains of Unique
-COL 1.257 (.45 max COL = 1.275)

This is a very reliable easy to cycle load for my Kimber Super Carry Pro. It works well with the hollow base bullets, which are light, and have a cavity in the base as the name implies. Berry's recommends loading with a mid-range load in whatever powder you are using as would be appropriate for same weight in normal jacketed roundnose. 5.7 /5.8 grains will not reliably eject the case in my gun given the type of recoil spring it has.

Max load on this combination should be around 7.4, but i see no reason to go higher than 6.4 or so for bullets that are just for range purposes.
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