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My first handgun was a P226 in 40 S&W.
I put somewhere between 2500-3000 rounds through it in one year.

I would go to the range about once or twice a month and fire off anywhere from 150-300 rounds depending on how I felt that day.

Most people sadly buy a gun, go to the range 1-3 times during the first few months of ownership then the gun sits around collecting dust.

That and you get a lot of people who buy a gun without every firing it, they tell themselves they will "grow" to like it after a few hundred rounds but find that is not the case so they decide to recoup some of the money they just wasted.

And you have the last major category. People who buy a gun, but because they have one FTF or Stovepipe in 300 rounds decide the gun is a Jam-O-Matic and that they can never trust the gun. So they sell it and their small problem with a magazine, ammunition or improper lubrication is your gain.
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