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Well I am going to assume that you WILL NOT be shooting the coyote while it is sleeping on you neighbors porch and that you are aware of general gun safety so you wouldn't be shooting a coyote with the neighbors house as a back stop anyway!
Now that we have all of that out of the way on to the question.
I too was going to suggest the Velocitors. They pack the most energy at 100 yrds then any other 22LR. In my Marlin 60 they are very accurate at that distance as well. 4 out of 5 shots in the same hole kind of accurate!
There have been many coyotes killed with a 22LR over the years.
Also the coyote's heart is a bit smaller and forward then most game animals. That and the lack of much of a shoulder makes the idea heart shot right at the top of the front leg where the shoulder would be.
Yep a head shot would be idea, but a shot in the vitals will be lethal. You may not recover the kill. Which would be a shame cause we would like to see pics!
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