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I shoot all 5 divisions and enjoy them all,I started with a stock G17 but did not carry it.latter I put in a 3.5 connector and polished the internals all legal
mods,This allowed me to shoot ssp and esp.and I could shot both the same match= more trigger time.I then bought a G19 with night sights did the same mods and used it for my edc and IDPA at first I dropped a couple places
but as I adjusted to it and shot it more I surpassed my my G17 scores,I then bought a 34 and did all the legal mods I had better hits at distance but was a little slower on transissions.Sold it and went back to my carry 19.
The xd is a good gun but limmits you to esp.Your Glock build may do the same. And for less money you could fine tune a new 34 for less money and do just fine and would take you a while to out shoot it.
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