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LOL!!!!!!! I had a "Texas Ranger," serial number 2, about 23 years ago or so and traded it for a burro (which I still have).

I believe the "friend of a friend" who offered you 10 grand is either an idiot or having you on. However, if the guy is serious, get it in cash.

At any rate, it sounds to me, like most everyone else in this thread, that you have a Spanish made S&W copy made in the 1920s or 30s. Generally, these are unsafe to shoot as many were made from cast steel. Real world value is probably $75-125.00 depending on who made it and condition.

[BTW, another Spanish designation for the .38 Long Colt is "9mm Largo." (NOT to be confused with the other 9mm Largo for the Astra 400, Campo Giro, etc., which is actually 9mm Bergmann-Bayard.)]

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