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We differ on what being "knocked down" means. They go down because they were shot. One can be literally knocked down, by which I do not mean knocked off your feet or blown backwards a few feet. Ask a friend to hit you on your head with a baseball bat. Chances are, you will go down. That's knock down power. Otherwise, it's like saying "I knew what pain was. I just didn't know it hurt."

There is some controversy over whether it is possible to be knocked down backwards, as sometimes shown in the movies. The consensus is that it isn't possible but at least one very dramatic photo from the Spanish Civil War shows a soldier when hit clearly going over backwards. But I don't think it adds much to the discussion, really.

However, it's also worth mentioning that being knocked down, going down, collapsing or merely tripping over your shoelaces does not mean you will stay down. That's true of game animals, too.

There was a long article on this very subject in the 1962 Gun Digest, the title of which was "Knock down nothing," if I remember correctly.

To say they are not knocked down suggests that the bullet had nothing to do with it and as you know, that's only true with a .45, for which an actual hit is not required.

Or so I am led to believe.
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