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Just did the german Schützenschnur! ( German Armed Fortces Marksmanship shoot)

I am in Afghanistan in a German Forces Area of Operations( German occupied land). I was blessed with the opportunity to shoot their issued weapons systems. The Schützenschnur is basically their weapons qualification course exept Its treated similarly like a competition from what I gathered. I'm typing what I was able to understand from the German Major's broken English so it was a bit of a challenge to ask and understand questions. Other than that, heres the details... In the Marksmanship course, at station One a P8 ( A.K.A. USP 9mm) is fired two iterations standing 5 rounds at 25 meters at human silouette, totalling ten fired ounds. Then we fired two iterations of 2 rnds standing, 2 kneeling, and lastly 2 prone, totalling 12 rounds. The Second Station is the G3 or MG as they called it. Its a 7.62 disintegrating link belt fed machine gun. Three iterations of 15 rounds are fired at three of I believe 8 smaller targets all on the same piece of paper. I had a great time! Was a fun shoot and will try to put up some pics...
I also was afforded the opportunity to shoot the H&K 417 Service rifle. Their Sniper section was using it as a multi-range multipurpose rifle. I do not know a whole lot about it other than it was an AR platform that fired a 7.62 x 51and It also had a Schmidt and Bender scope in3-20 zoom with a reflex sight atop the scope. I fired that at various ranges from 300-800 meters. I just wanted to share it with the community I guess...Not meant for bragging, I simply thought some may find this interesting.

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